Beef Bites


Need a quick, healthy snack? Whether you need a high energy snack for the gym, or something satisfying for your next hunting trip, Wyoming Gourmet Beef Bites are the snack for you! These are small, bite size pieces of our signature beef sticks. Our gluten free beef bites are a great source of protein, iron, and zinc- just what your body needs to energize and boost your immune system. Unlike other companies, we don’t use fillers, nitrites, or MSG. We let our flavors speak for themselves!  


Our premium beef is all-natural USDA Choice Angus, sourced exclusively from Wyoming ranches, with no antibiotics or hormones added. With bold flavors like Jalapeno, Cowboy Hickory Smoked, and Ginger and Garlic, when you choose Wyoming Gourmet Beef, you’re choosing a healthy snack with the taste of the Real West in every bite!



We apologize but at this time we cannot accept any online orders from Canada due to shipping concerns from the US to Canada. In addition, this also applies to both Alaska and Hawaii due to the cost of freight to those two states.  




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