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Beef Jerky & Angus Strips

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Looking for a gourmet snack? You will find it in our Wyoming Gourmet Beef Jerky. With an emphasis on good nutrition, we never use artificial ingredients, nitrites, or MSG. We don't need to—our premium beef is already naturally flavorful, tender, and delicious! (*Savings of up to 35% compared to individual package price!)

Our Cowboy Angus Strips are a tasty, easier-to-chew alternative to traditional beef jerky. With high protein, great flavor, and all natural ingredients, Cowboy Angus Strips join our family of healthy, quick snacks that you will love. Share a bag today with your family and friends at home, school, work, or play! Try all three delicious flavors—Old West Original, Honey Jalapeno, and Sweet Hickory! Taste the Wyoming! 

We apologize but at this time we cannot accept any online orders from Canada due to shipping concerns from the US to Canada. In addition, this also applies to both Alaska and Hawaii due to the cost of freight to those two states. 


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